Balance your life better

You know those things that record producers use; is it equalisers?  The thingy that gets the balance right?  (You can tell I’ve spent a lot of time hanging round in recording studios with famous artists can’t you? No? OK, well, in reality, 2 days in a hired recording studio with a boyfriend’s band in my … Read more

Divorce….What if…

Divorce. Just wondering…what if the amount of divorce and single parents households were linked to World War II?

What would it have been like to pack your child onto a train with their teacher, never knowing if you would see them again?

What would it have been like to be that child, wrenched not only … Read more

Resignation Letter

I have resigned.  I wrote a resignation letter before Christmas.

It was accepted straight away.

It feels very scary and amazingly exciting.

I resigned so I can focus more on writing.

I wrote the letter to myself.

Resignation Letter

I have not resigned from teaching as I love working with A level students, they are fun, we … Read more

Energy Life Map – boost your energy for 2016

I’ve been feeling so tired, drained, grey and stressed.  I know winter is never my best time as I’m an ‘outside in the sun’ kind of girl, but I know there’s more to than that….so I’ve made up my Energy Life Map to review 2015 and set me on track for 2016.

Today I am … Read more

Learning Strictly Style


We watch Strictly.  Partner can dance…or he would if we could find lessons locally to get me up to speed.  We started learning but then life got in the way, you know how it does.

As a kid I did ballet for years, but was way too tall and not very good so for all … Read more

Conflict and the Drama Triangle

I’ve been watching following this week’s debate: ‘to war or not to war with Syria’, on Radio 4 as I drive and despairing.  Haven’t they heard of the the Drama Triangle  by Steve Karpman?

Karpman's Drama TriangleHere is the Drama Triangle which is how Steve Karpman describes the psychological games we play that lead to conflict and … Read more